Various Pirates - GATHERING AT PIRATE COVE - DAY TWO compiled by Long John Silver

by Macky Mad House Rec. - MMH Records

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Alas, the second trip to get all of the crew into the secret location for this Gathering, and this is DAY TWO of the Gathering At Pirate Cove and few days apart from the DAY ONE, here we have the crew of the same ship that with our small cutter couldn't take them all at once which is in the jungle secret location and two trips taking into account the tide and the shallows not to mention the corals that can damage the ship's keel...from where the anchorage is to take them to shore.
We have here captains from Canada, India, Italy, France, Switzerland, Poland, England.
This also is a release done, as Day One is with enormous support by World People Productions and Looney Moon Records.

Artists here from World People are Noj Nor (Canada), Electric Mirror (UK) and half of a fab track; Hookers (Italian duo Pixan Rec artists) vs Chakraview (India).
From Looney Moon Records we have Dharma (Italy), one of Looney Moon most known and historic act. Circus Bent (UK/PL) a new and well known act from Looney Moon and also from Lukas Circus Bent here there's his side project - Perun which with his mate Adam Loco has up and running for Paramystical Records.
Then our old friend Psy-Mr. vs AlbyMan aka DJ AlbyManProject with a track more 'mellow' than usual - 146 bpm. Roy Psy-Mr. for Purple Hexagon Records and AlbyMan for Pixan.
Another mate that needs no introduction; Brouss aka Psyberpunk from Switzerland that plays for Subsystem Records, with a track that is inspired by a punk band from his youth. Further ahead a damn good versus between Brain Jam and Atezu (Italy) from our friends at Dream Project Records and Atezu from D-Noir Records. AND last but not least an artist from our own roster; Hadron - the 'new' Hadron - previously a dark prog artist and now with his new underground aggressive project, listen to the's amazing!

It is all amazing, as these 2 compilations get to you from the beginning of the project in January ..... argh.. so many experienced boatswains, coxswains, ship mates, sailors, axe masters, all sorts of seafaring men and many captains for this memorable Gathering....which direction will The Macky take after this? Nobody knows, perhaps stop and go as civilians or maybe find a safe harbour to refit the whole ship; hull, keel, masts - stitch we need an island with jungle or forest with trees good for timber 'n lumber and work hard to get again at open sea ready for the next fights for freedom.

Mastering by Lukas Mantodea aka Circus Bent and (half) Perun at his state-of-the-art analog / digital studio in Manchester - PRISM Mastering - during April and May 2016.
Artwork concept by Rabbit Graphic Design studio in Rome.

Compiled in 17th century by Long John Silver and his parrott.


released June 21, 2016

Alain Viglino, Karl Mirra, Enrico Alpini, Shaveer Ahmed with A. Bonetti and A. Girotto, Ron Jon, Luca Storace, Adam Loco and Lukas Mantodea, Roy Saporito and DJ AlbyMan Project, Gianluca Vocale, Brain Jam duo and Melo Uzeta (Atezu), and Lukas Mantodea... again.



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Macky Mad House Rec. - MMH Records Italy

New Macky Mad House Records (MMHR) a Relaunch Project started on May 2013 on the ashes of the label founded late 2007 by Doc Franz.

It's a group of pirates and romantic warriors with a wicked view of the world we are living in and stand out betwixt the cheesy commecial giants to get real and down to earth (and seas) Underground psytrance is our main genre and trance is a way of life - FACELESS
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